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At Saphire Blue Drones, you will learn from experts in both manned and unmanned aviation. Our CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) accredited training course will guide you through all the theory and practice required to obtain your South African Remote Pilot License. Your first step in qualifying to commercially operate a multi-rotor RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) under the auspices of a company that holds a ROC (RPAS Operators’ Certificate) in South Africa.

Why Saphire Blue Drones?

We are CAA approved
Our instructors have years of experience in both manned and unmanned aviation
We never cancel a course so your booking is always guaranteed
Our dual instructor format and small class size provides an ideal learning environment
It is hassle-free - we take care of all the admin with CAA


Our course is completely flexible. If you can’t spare 6 consecutive days for theoretical module, then we work out a personalised plan to suit you. If you are a manned-aviation pilot, you may qualify for a fast-tracked version of our course. Contact us today to discuss your options!



Have a drone and some flying experience but want to take it to the next level? Then our initiation course is for you! This one-day course will teach you the basics of air law, give you insights into flight planning and guide you through certain flight principles to give you a better understanding what drone flying is all about. In the afternoon, we take you out on the field for practical training! Contact us today to book your initiation course!

Micro Drone Building & Racing

Drone Racing is a whole different league of drone flying! Therefore, we have a specialised Micro Drone Building & Racing course for adults, kids from 13 years as well as a specialized 6-week school course! What’s in a name? We start off with a FPV (First Person View) racing demo to get you all excited  We show you how to build your own racing drone and then teach you to fly it as well. No stress, practice makes perfect! We’ll guide you through it every step of the way. We have different courses for schools and individuals. Contact us today to get more information!

Observer Training

Our drones will fly further and further and soon we’ll all be flying Extended Visual Line of Sight and even Beyond Visual Line of Sight. During commercial operations however, legislation requires that you have an observer present who will watch the flight path from your RPAS and ensure safety. With this training, we ensure you are up to date with all the different aspects involved in the RPAS observer qualification.

Remote Pilot License Training

Our Remote Pilot license course is CAA compliant and once successfully completed, you will be able to operate under the auspices of a company that holds a ROC which conforms to CAA standards. Feel free to explore the CAA website (link to open in different tab: Piloted Aircraft Systems.aspx) and get a deeper insight into the different regulations. Our RPL course teaches you not only the theory required to operate safely as a drone pilot, but also goes above and beyond by teaching you intangible pilot skills like communications, briefing and leadership to help you reach your full potential as a professional drone pilot and give you the best start possible. Our training is always up-to-date and relevant, satisfying not just the CAA requirements, but also preparing you for your first venture as a commercial drone operator. In addition, Saphire Blue never cancels a course, which means your booking is always guaranteed! What does the course include? Ground School (5 days) Do you already hold a Pilot license? Then you can follow the Fast Track course and only attend the first three days of the ground school. o Air Law o Navigation and Flight planning o Aircraft Technical and General o Principles of Flight o Human Factors o Meteorology o Restricted radio telephony Every subject is followed by an exam. A score of 75% or above is required to pass.

Practical Flight training - The practical one-on-one training is booked according to your schedule. Lessons consist of practical flying instruction initially on small beginner drones followed by the DJI Phantom 4 in atti mode. The total duration of the practical training will depend on the skills and experience of each student. Availability and weather conditions also need to be considered. Saphire Blue students can count on: • Operations Manual development + review • Course study manual + pilot checklists • Lunch during ground school training • All exams for ground school (first attempt only) • Ongoing support for Saphire Blue graduates • DFE test (first attempt only) • RPL application with CAA • Guaranteed booking (we never cancel a course!)

Entry CAA REQUIREMENTS (before commencement of the course) • Class 4 aviation medical certification • English proficiency level 4 or higher certification • You must be 18 or older

AVSEC-RPAS (initial and renewal)

Got your RPL? Well done! Now take the final step to be ready to work under the auspices of a company that holds a ROC conforming to the CAA standards. I hear you… “another course”?!

Operating under PART 101 implies that all personnel employed in the deployment, handling, and storage of RPAS have received security awareness training as prescribed in Part 109.

This one-day course introduces you to the security measures and regulations that you will need to know to work responsibly within the industry. It also covers the current threats to civil aviation; how the civil aviation security regulations and international organisations operate. The course will also discuss the importance of enforcing security within work areas, how to respond and report an emergency situation and preventative actions to prevent unlawful acts using RPAS equipment. After successfully completing the course and the exam, you’ll receive a certificate which is valid for two years.


Saphire Blue differentiates itself by taking operations with unmanned aircraft very seriously. Our clients require a reliable professional for high quality inspections, aerial surveys and aerial imagery. By taking quality and safety seriously and engaging with our client and local aviation authorities, Saphire Blue ensures a professional, fully insured safe service provider for any mission. Saphire Blue operates under a RPAS Operators Certificate as specified by the SACAA. Contact us today to discuss your needs.


Saphire Blue is so much more than a Drone Training school!

We are innovative aviation professionals and it is our mission to help you understand the benefits of drones while ensuring safety and compliance is at the forefront of our training. As a talented group of manned aviation experts, we understand the intricacies of operating in the South African airspace system and will help you navigate the RPL license process from start to finish. We take pride in giving our students the best learning environment and experience and our core values are at the heart of everything we do. Start your journey with Saphire Blue today!

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Saphire Blue is so much more than a Drone Training school!


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