Instructor Rating

The future is in drone flying and hence the needs for pilots and even more Remote Pilot instructors (RPAS instructors). Don’t just stop with your RPAS license but go beyond. 

Our RPL Instructor course is Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) compliant and once
successfully completed, you will be able to coach student RPL pilots to obtain their
Remote Pilot License.

Our Instructor course teaches you not only the required theory to instruct within
an adult student environment, but also goes above and beyond by equipping you
with skills like communications, briefing and leadership. Thus, enabling you to
reach your full potential as a professional drone pilot instructor and ensuring the
best start possible in this fast-growing industry.

Our drone pilot training is always up-to-date and relevant, going beyond CAA requirements.

What does the course include?

Ground School (5 days)
The first part of your RPL Instructor license is theoretical based on the FAA Aviation Instruction Handbook and addition practical presentation practices are incorporated.

The subjects covered

o Human Behaviour
o The learning processes
o Effective communication
o DFE test (first attempt)
o The teaching processes
o Planning instructional activity
o Instructor responsibilities and professionalism
o Techniques of flight instruction
o Risk Management
o Airman-ship
o Flight planning
o Preparing a student for a skill test
o Air Law – PART 101
o How to prepare a briefing

Practical Briefing & Patter Training


The practical one-on-one briefing consists of preparing the briefings in your own time and conducting 10h of briefing with an instructor.

A briefing may also consist of giving a ground school theory subject under the supervision of an instructor. When the briefings are successfully completed, 3h of patter training remains under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

As soon as the above-mentioned training is completed and the letter of recommendation is issued, the skill test with a DFE (Designated Flight Examiners)
is carried out. 

Saphire Blue students can count on:

o Operations Manual development + review
o Course study manual + pilot checklists
o All exams for ground school (first attempt)
o Ongoing support for Saphire Blue graduates
o DFE test (first attempt)
o IPL application with CAA
o Guaranteed booking (we never cancel a course!)
o Entry CAA REQUIREMENTS (before commencement of the course)
o Valid RPL license

If you already hold a valid Instructor Rating, then you can follow the FAST-TRACK