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Saphire Blue Drone Operations

Saphire Blue differentiates itself by taking operations with unmanned aircraft (UAV) very seriously. Our clients require a reliable professional for high quality inspections,
aerial surveys and aerial imagery.

By taking quality and safety seriously and engaging with our client and local aviation authorities, Saphire Blue ensures a professional, fully insured safe service provider for any mission. Saphire Blue operates under a RPAS Operators Certificate as specified by the SACAA.

Drone flying has started becoming more and more popular as they offer many opportunities such as agricultural mapping, photographic aerial footage, media photography and any other perimeter work etc. 

With a drive to lower cost of operations the time for drones is here. 

There are a few things you need to know before you are able to fly one of these magical little machines:

  • Pilots need to be 18 years or older 


  • As you will be sharing airspace with other air traffic some aviation rules still apply and stay within approved flying limits.


  • Pilots need to hold a current medical assessment, and achieve English Language Proficiency.

Flying for Fun vs. Flying for Money

  • If you want to fly for commercial purposes , you  need a Remote Pilot License (RPL) issued by the SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority)


  • Once you have your RPL you are only allowed to fly under the auspices of a RPAS Operating Certificate.


  • Obtaining the ROC takes anywhere between 20 to 30 months to get approval from the regulator and lots of initial investment


  • Saphire Blue Drones can take care of your Commercial Drone flying needs and drone operations.


Drone Operations has never been easier

We are ready to partner with you for any drone operation requirements.
With our Remote Operator Certificate CAA/G1370D we can provide legal and fully insured operations.


Saphire Blue Drones now also offer night flying operations.

Saphire Blue can help with your needs in drone footage for residential, agricultural or photography and mapping!


For all your drone hiring and operating queries or flying please contact us


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